Reviews! Reviews! Reviews!

Every author waits with bated breath for the first reviews of their book to come in. I am so excited to share the following recent reviews for Homeland.

“… [A] stirring tale with details that evoke the senses. A beautiful tale of family, love for a lost homeland, and remembrance.” —Kirkus Reviews 

“[A] quietly moving intergenerational reminiscence…” —Publishers Weekly

“an endearing, lovely story of immigration, memory, and familial love.” —BookRiot

“a sweet book…full of memories and hope and the beauty of Palestine.” —Muslim Mommy Blog

“[Homeland is] an understated story of intergenerational connection through stories passed down. Its strength, much like the transference of story itself, comes in small details woven together on the page between art and words. And much like hearing a family member tell a story time after time, Homeland is a book that will continue giving to its readers with each return to the story.” —Matthew Winner, The Children’s Book Podcast